The data collection for on-field validation completed in Hungary

The data collection for on-field validation completed in Hungary

On February the Hungarian team completed the data collection for field validation of the LIFE SustainEuroRoad project. Main activities developed by the Hungarian team were to control the fuel consumption, power consumption and delivery distance during the asphalt mixture production and the road construction.

The infrastructure section chosen was the renovation of Road Number31 in the country of Heves exactly located in the North East Hungary on the edge of the Alföld (the Hungarian Great Plain). The road was constructed by the Colas Út Zrt.

From the technical perspective the constructed pavement structure was composed of four layers with the following measures:

 Wearing course: 4 cm AC 11 (mF)

 Binding course: 9 cm AC 22 (mF)

 Subbase layer with hydraulic bound mixture: 20 cm CKt-4

 20 cm cold recycling on the exhausted pavement

The Hungarian experts worked during 3 different construction days for the deployment of every layer and subsequently collected all the data during the construction process. Data and info collected have been submitted to USIRF, project coordinator, in order to refine the thermal model (Energy calculation method) of the SEVE software. Specifically, a comparison will be completed on a like-for- like basis between:

– Parameters measured on site

– Parameters simulated on SEVE

For further information, please contact Zoltan Puchard: [email protected]