Presentation in Eurasphalt 2016

Presentation in Eurasphalt 2016

The Eurasphalt & Eurobitume (E&E) Congress organised by EAPA and Eurobitume was held in Prague (Czech Republic) under the theme of “investing in our greatest asset” from 1 to 3 of June. The E&E congress is a unique event organised every four years since 1996 by the European bitumen and asphalt industry in a well-known European city. The congress is used as an important vehicle to raise the awareness across a wide scope of the industry about key drivers in the market environment, to share best practices and technology, and also to respond with solutions to future challenges.

This successful platform allows the bitumen and asphalt industry to work together and respond to these challenges identified by showcasing how they are contributing with solutions through their extensive network of experts and professionals.

The E&E was also the perfect place to present the content and first results of the SustainEuroRoad LIFE Project in the “Session 8B – Sustainable development”. It was a real success with more than 100 experts attended the session. Ismaïl Cavagnol (USIRF) explained how our sector is developing the new software based on SEVE to reduce the environmental impact of road construction and maintenance. During the presentation, it was explained how to assess the environmental commitments of companies and then complete a comparison of different techniques. The presentation of the SusatinEuroRoad was also accompanied by a dedicated poster where it was explained to various participants more concrete aspects of the project as well latest developments.

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