Engineers participate in a training to use SEVE software

Engineers participate in a training to use SEVE software

The SEVE software represents the base of the future SustainEuroRoad software. The methodology has been developed by the French road sector and it is successfully implemented by large infrastructure companies in that country.

The SustainEuroRoad consortium aims at reducing the environmental impact during road construction and maintenance by developing at European scale five indicators:

  • Energy consumption (in mega joule)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (in tons of CO2 eq)
  • Natural resource saving (in tons)
  • RAP content (in tons)
  • Kilometer ton (

A main concern for Colas Hungária Zrt is how to optimise energy consumption so the new software represents a good tool to support this effort.

In this sense, a training was organised in Budapest from 26/04/2017 to 27/04/2017 under the leadership of Maël Buannic (USIRF) who offered a practical demonstration to optimise the environmental performance during road operations.

For further information, please contact Maël Buannic: [email protected]